Hostile environments exist everywhere in science, manufacturing and research. High pressures, high temperatures, hazardous chemicals, and dangerous chemical reactions are occurring within pressure and vacuum vessels every moment of the day. In order for companies to safely monitor and gather critical information and send instructions to control processes, isolation of the electronics requires the use of a barrier. Hermetically sealed glass feedthroughs provide an option with virtually identical performance capabilities as their ceramic counterparts.

Rayotek's Electrical Feedthrough Sight Windows are offered in both opaque or clear and they allow for viewing into systems directly through the feedthrough. Rayotek's in-house engineering and production teams have a proven ability to design, test and certify feedthrough assemblies that can operate at temperatures up to 450C and up to 10,000psi internal pressure.

Customers can chose from a variety of glass to metal sealing options including:

  • Borosilicate sealed to Duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, Hasteloy & other materials
  • Soda lime glass fused to 316 stainless steel

With a full suite of precision inspection equipment and a long history of custom feedthrough design engineering and fabrication, Rayotek is the ideal source for glass to metal feedthrough system designs.